2012 – What Can I Even Say?

2012 Review

What can I say about 2012 that hasn’t already been said?

It’s absurd, obviously. You don’t go to this movie for coherent story logic.

The attempts at sincere emotion largely fall flat, again sort of a given for Roland Emmerich films.

What’s interesting is the cast is actually pretty strong, and fine thesps like John Cusack and Chijewetel Ejiofor do what they can but the material isn’t up to their talents.

But you know what? Running nearly 2.5 hours, the film doesn’t drag as badly as it should. And that’s largely because Emmerich and Co. keep the pedal down for long stretches.

Granted the film essentially devolves into long “chase” sequences, wherein the chaser is an imploding Earth and the chasee is Cusack and Co. in increasingly larger vessels (first a limo, then a small jet, then a huge airplane, and finally a massive “arc”).

Personally I found the ending a bit of  a letdown, and without giving it all away, let’s just say they take the easy way out.

Is this worth seeing in theatres? I mean let’s face it, probably not. But seeing it on TV would be FAR worse.

On the big screen the spectacle does still shock and awe at moments, on the small screen you’ll just hate yourself for spending any money on it.

If you dig this type of craptacular disaster-fest, you’ll enjoy 2012.